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2015 Summer Music Industry Bootcamp at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music


Each summer, visiting students have the opportunity to take advantage of New York University, and all that New York City has to offer. The Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music welcomes visiting students to either take part in the below Summer Music Industry Bootcamp or to register for any of our summer courses a la carte. For a complete listing of summer courses, visit our "Summer in Recorded Music" webpage.


The Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music is pleased to invite you to attend our Summer Music Industry Bootcamp. This intense three-week experience is specifically designed for those individuals who have always wanted to work in the music industry, but haven’t found the opportunity to do so -- yet. Over three weeks at the Institute’s facility in New York City, participants will gain the knowledge needed to either break into (or move up within) this fast-paced, exciting and constantly changing industry. This Bootcamp will immerse you in the NYC music industry via master classes with the Institute of Recorded Music's distinguished faculty and provide you with the education needed to make your entrée into the field. Bootcampers will enroll in a minimum of 3 courses to earn at least 6 credits (or the non-credit equivalent) over a three-week summer session.

Apply via the Summer in NYC Visiting Student Application to be a visiting student for summer 2015. Processing time for visiting student applications is approximately 1-2 weeks. Once you have been processed as a visiting student in the NYU registration system, you will be able to register for your selected Recorded Music Industry Bootcamp courses beginning in February 2015.

*This bootcamp is NOT open to high school students. High school students should apply to our Summer High School program.
More Recorded Music courses are available outside of our bootcamp schedule.  For the full list of Recorded Music Summer courses, click here.

Summer 2015 Schedule of Classes:

1)  REMU-UT 1707  THE MUSIC INDUSTRY OF NEW YORK  (NCRD-UT 8500 for non-credit enrollment)
Mon & Wed 615-9:45pm

  • REQUIRED for all Bootcamp participants - 2.0 credits

    Master-class lectures by distinguished Recorded Music faculty and Industry panels comprised of known innovators and visionaries on topics such as touring, artist management and digital media will be offered exclusively to participants in this program.    

2)  IN ADDITION TO THE REQUIRED COURSE ABOVE, you must register for at least TWO of the following elective courses:
  • REMU-UT 1016  THE VIRTUAL PRODUCER: BEATS AND BEATMAKING (NCRD-UT 8569 for non-credit enrollment)
    Mon & Wed 9-12:30pm2.0 credits

    Instructor: K Salaam 
    This course will cover various professional Music Production Techniques & Strategies such as: Sampling (& Sample Chopping), Drum Programming/Drum Design, Synthesis & Sound Design, Music Theory (in the context of Music Production), MIDI Editing, as well as numerous Mixing Techniques. Over the course of the class, through the utilization and knowledge of these various skills, students will learn how to create Original Music Compositions & Productions. The primary DAW platform for the course is ProTools.  While a Beatmaker/Composer/Producer must be well versed in the application of various software and hardware tools, as well as the many Production skills & techniques, he or she must also have artistic vision and creative efficacy. So while the course is about Music/Beat Construction and the tools involved, there will also be a strong emphasis on innovative envision, inventive mobility, and how to think/strategize like a Music Producer.

  • REMU-UT 1020  FUNDAMENTALS OF AUDIO WORKSTATIONS I (NCRD-UT 8520 for non-credit enrollment)
    Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs 1:30-4:45pm  |  2.0 credits  |  $265 lab fee

    Instructor: Phil Painson

    Students will acquire an in-depth, theoretical and practical knowledge of Digital Audio Workstations with an emphasis on file management and system configurations. Utilizing Pro Tools, students will learn the operating modes and tools, gain structure and multi-tracking techniques, and will use overdubs to build an arrangement. For students looking to take a course in Logic Pro outside of our bootcamp, we offer a 3 week course starting 7/6.
  • REMU-UT 1094  SONGWRITING WORKSHOP (NCRD-UT 8525 for non-credit enrollment) **AT CAPACITY, WAIT-LIST AVAILABLE**
    Tues & Thurs 9-12:30pm |  2.0 credits  |  $265 lab fee
Instructor: Mike Errico

    The music business begins and ends with a song. So, what makes a 'hit' song? Is it a matter of taste, promotion/marketing, politics, luck, or all of these? This class will explore the many facets inherent in this question by looking at both the raw material of hit songs, and the perspectives of the individuals that either created, and/or nurtured them. The class will examine the issues of form/structure, lyric content, production values, various parameters of song craft, and personal taste vs. practical reality. We will also look at audiences, marketing, timing and momentum.
  • REMU-UT 1155  HIP HOP: THE NEW YORK CITY EXPERIENCE (NCRD-UT 8022 for non-credit enrollment)
    Tues & Thurs  6-9:30pm | 2.0 credits 
Instructor: Joe Schloss

    Nearly forty years after its arrival, hip-hop has changed global culture forever — not only the way music is composed and produced, but also dance, visual art, business and politics. At its roots, hip-hop is a product of  New York City: It started in the Bronx in the mid 1970s and many of its founding artists and entrepreneurs, like Grandmaster Flash, Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin, came from the city.  This course will explore the many ways in which hip-hop has been shaped by the history, culture, politics and social geography of New York. Through writing exercises and close readings of texts, students will become well-versed not only in hip-hop history and lore but also in the history and politics of New York City itself. Designed partly as a practical course, we'll directly engage with the people and spaces that have influenced hip-hop's development, as we go on field trips to sites of historical significance, take walking tours, go to live performances and hear from guest speakers.
    2.0 credits  |  $265 lab fee
Instructor: Kenn Hicks
    Individual instruction meets either on Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs in the afternoon. Lessons are on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Mon & Wed 1:30-5pm   |  2.0 credits  |  $265 lab fee
Instructors: Nisha Asnani

    This course addresses essential elements of performance including preparation, presence, song choice, movement and more.  It is designed to give you the tools necessary to prepare and effectively deliver your voice in a small to medium size venue.  Beyond the practical considerations, this course will also address more abstract skills such as connecting to an audience, fearlessness, and stage presence. Focusing on improving the performer’s connection to music, the class is designed to deepen the performer’s skill set through practical, improvisational, rhythmic, and harmonic in-class exercises and independent assignment. The goal is to attain a deeper understanding of performance, and to take away a set of positive routines that can be incorporated into a daily artistic practice.  The course is open to original songwriting singers as well as performers of traditional, standard and contemporary repertoire looking to deepen their stagecraft. Song Performance Intensive participants should prepare two songs for the first class. The course will culminate in an evening performance at a well-attended and highly regarded open mic called Wildfire on Thursday July 2nd at the legendary Nuyorican Poets Cafe.
  • REMU-UT 1321  PRODUCING LIVE MUSIC EVENTS (NCRD-UT 8021 for non-credit enrollment)
    Mon & Wed 9-12:30pm  |  
2.0 credits

    Instructor: Mehmet Dede
    This course is geared to all students interested in live music event production and the technical and business aspects involved in planning, developing, and producing a live music event. Topics included: talent and venue contracts and negotiations, primary and scondary revenue streams budgeting, marketing, best practices for promotion and more.  Course work includes lectures, interactive class discussion, peer and self-assessments, short answer analytical responses and hands-on collaboration on the production of one live music event. By the end, students have the skills and a framework to book and oversee all aspects of a live music event --whether for themselves or for any artists with whom they work.
    Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs 9am-12:15pm  |  4.0 credits  |  $265 lab fee
    Instructor: Michael McCoy

    Studio Recording For The Modern Producer/ Engineer I is a hands-on music recording course that familiarizes students with the practical aspects of the recording process. Taught by veteran professional Recording Engineers from today’s Music Industry students will be introduced to the basics of recording through lectures, demonstrations, supplemental reading and assignments.  Students will utilize our state of the art world class SSL console equipped recording studio to explore topics which include: analog signal flow, the propagation of sound, hearing and audio perception, microphones types, usage and microphone placement techniques, equalization and signal processing. The course will culminate with the students recording and mixing an original song.

    The institute offers a 3-week part II of this course outside of our bootcamp starting 7/6.
  • REMU-UT 1700  PRODUCING WITH BOB POWER (NCRD-UT 8580 for non-credit enrollment)
    Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs 1:15-5pm  --> last two weeks ONLY (June 22-July 2)

    3.0 credits
      |  $260 lab fee
    Instructor: Bob Power

    Producer/Mixer/Recordist Bob Power (Erkyah Badu, Common, D’Angelo, A Tribe Called Quest) will present a balance of practical and conceptual information designed to expose students to the various recording and production techniques he uses to create his consistent brand of effective production.  This studio class is centered around an in-class production executed by Mr. Power with a prominent New York based artist with accompanying session players.

  • REMU-UT 1701  THE ART OF MIXING WITH BOB POWER (NCRD-UT 8581 for non-credit enrollment)
    Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Friday 1-5:15pm  --> first week ONLY (June 15-June 19)
    2.0 credits
      |  $260 lab fee
Instructor: Bob Power

    Commonly referred to as a mystifying ‘Dark Art,’ mixing records involves composing a final assemblage and balancing of a song’s recorded elements, with the final goal of enabling a recording to deliver a clear and emotional intended message. In this week-long, intensive master class, world-class record mixer and producer Bob Power will provide a complete exposition of his mix methodology and technique in the state of the art facilities of the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music.
Instructor: Lauren Davis
    • International students may NOT receive paid internships. 
    • All students hoping to get an internship must enroll for this course.  For more info, click here
    • If approved to participate the internship program, you will begin to work with our Internship Coordinator on the identification of potential internship sites, review of our Internship Blog, refinement of your resume, and submission of your applications, with the goal of having an internship arranged by the time you arrive in NYC. Please see our for detailed information regarding the program, which will provide you with the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained from the Bootcamp in a real-world setting.


We welcome international students! In most cases, international students who want to enroll in NYU Summer classes must obtain a student visa in order to attend. It is important to allow plenty of time between admission and the start of the program to ensure that all visa steps are completed. As such, all international students must submit their application in full, including language proficiency scores, by March 15, 2014. After submitting the application, international students will receive the 1-20/DS-2019 application via e-mail. The I-20/DS-2019 application is due by April 1. Detailed information on Visa application procedures and other important information for participants traveling from abroad is available here:

VIDEO: International Registration Instructions -


Discounted housing in the NYU dormitories is available to both credit and non-credit participants. Rates range from $181 - $394 per person/per week depending upon the level of accommodation. Full details and applications are available on the NYU Summer Housing website: 

Rates for NYU meal plans range from $130 - $160 per person/per week depending upon the number of meals desired. Full details are available on the NYU Summer Housing website:             


Tuition is dependent upon your course selection. All Bootcamp students are required to register for at least 6 credits, or the non-credit equivalent. Tuition is paid per-credit, with applicable registration and lab fees. 
More information on financial aide can be found here:

For-credit tuition can be calculated by taking the number of credits the student wishes to enroll in and multiplying it by the price per unit, which for visiting students is $1,289.

Additionally, there are additional fees associated with registration and lab upkeep.  There is an initial $396 registration fee for first unit and $65 registration fee for each additional unit.  Production courses utilizing the Institute's lab and/or studios had a $265 lab fee in addition to the standard tuition & registration costs.

The cost of non-credit courses is listed in each individual course description on Albert, NYU's registration system.

Summer 2015 Tuition Costs
For-credit cost:

-- $2,578 - 2 credits
-- $3,867 - 3 credits
-- $5,156 - 4 credits
-- $7,734 - 6 credits
-- $10,312 - 8 credits

 Non-credit equivalent:
-- $1,790 - 2 credit equivalent

-- $2,683 - 3 credit equivalent
-- $3,575 - 4 credit equivalent

-- $5,745 - 6 credit equivalent


NYU Visiting Student Application Available Online:
Saturday, February 1, 2015 @ 9:00am (EST)

International Student Application Deadline:

Monday, March 16, 2015

Last Day to Register for Bootcamp Courses Online:
Monday, June 15, 2015 (after this date, all course registration must be done in person at the NYU Student Services Center)


The 2015 Summer in NYC Visiting Student Application is available starting February 1st, 2015.

If you are eligible to participate in Summer in NYC as a visiting student, please follow the steps below to apply. Visiting students may only apply to one NYU program at a time.
  1. Complete the online application form. Fill out the Summer in NYC Visiting Student Application to begin the 2-step "application" process. The information collected on this form will generate your NYU IDs so that you can complete the second step of the process. Processing time for applications is 1-2 weeks once the online application form is received. All communication will be made by e-mail. Be sure to provide an e-mail address that you check regularly.
  2. Select and register for 3 Bootcamp courses including Music Industry of NY. Once you receive your enrollment letter, which includes your NYU ID Number and NetID, you will be able to complete this step. Instructions to register can be found under Critical Instructions for Admitted Students.
Students MUST register for the following course in order to be considered a student in the 2015 Recorded Music Industry Bootcamp:

REMU-UT 1707  The Music Industry of New York (for college credit)
NCRD-UT 8500  The Music Industry of New York (for non-credit)

PLUS two additional courses from the list above for a total minimum of 6 credits