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Recorded Music Internship Program for Visiting Summer Students


Recorded Music's Summer Internship Program offers all visiting and NYU students unparalleled opportunities to gain valuable professional hands-on experience interning at premier companies in their music industry field of choice. Students also make valuable connections and acquire transferable skills and knowledge to improve their employment prospects upon graduation. In past summers, students have interned at companies such as Island Def Jam, MTV U, Rush Philanthropic, Germano Recording Studios, Atlantic Records, Cherry Lane Music Publishing, and WNYC (Soundcheck), to name a few.


  • Students who have already arranged a summer music industry internship and are interested in earning academic credit through The Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU (subject to approval).
  • Students who are interested in obtaining a Recorded Music internship for academic credit, with the assistance and counseling of The Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU.
  • Students who have completed at least one semester of college by the start of the program.



Recorded Music's Summer Internship program is open to all visiting and NYU students. Please note that high school students and incoming college freshmen are not eligible to register.

HOW TO APPLY: (Deadline June 5th, 2015)

  1. Follow the instructions for the Summer in NYC 2-Step Registration Process.
  2. Fill out the form below.
  3. Send your application materials for REMU-UT 1037 Internship/Career Skills for the Music Entrepreneur to Lauren Davis, Internship Faculty Advisor (
  • Subject line "SUMMER NYU VISITING STUDENT INTERNSHIP - [Last Name, First Name]"
  • Cover Letter & Resume - applicants must express a statement of interest in participating in the Recorded Music Internship Program, internship goals and summer schedule.
  • Resume
  • Unofficial College Transcript - applicants must show successful completion of college level course work, and that they have successfully earned at least a 3.0 GPA.
Please send your resume, cover letter, and college transcript to: Lauren Davis, Internship Faculty Advisor,

Upon enrollment, students will be contacted by Recorded Music’s internship team to discuss their goals and expectations for summer internship placement. Upon enrollment in the program, will be given access to the departments internship resources. Students apply to organizations on their own under the guidance of the Internship Faculty Advisor. Many companies fill their internships on a first-come, first-served basis, so time is of the essence. Students are encouraged to submit their applications as early as possible to ensure the most successful internship placement. Please be advised that enrollment in the Recorded Music Summer Internship Program does not guarantee placement in an internship.

In addition to gaining valuable workplace experience, students will attend a Career Seminar that meets two times each session. Students will also complete written assignments that encourage reflection on the transferable skills and knowledge they will need to improve their employment prospects upon graduation. Students will also learn to develop a career portfolio that successfully markets their skills and experiences. Throughout this process, students will work collaboratively with the Internship Faculty Advisor to secure an internship, prepare for internship placement, navigate issues as they arise, and ensure a successful conclusion to the internship.


Students should register for the appropriate number of credits specific to the number of hours they will be able to work each week. Most summer internships require students to work between 25-30 hours per week. Students may make changes, without penalty, to the number of credits they are registered for up until the day before the summer session starts.

Students may earn up to six credits per summer session. Students MUST work the minimum number of hours listed below (though they may go over the minimum).

Credits  / Hours per Week  / Total Hours per Six-Week Session
       1                  13                                             75
       2                  24                                            140
       3                  28                                            168
       4                  30-35                                       180-210

Students should be sure to contact their academic advisor, dean, chairperson, or registrar at their home-school for approval and to ensure receipt of academic credit for their participation in Recorded Music’s Summer Internship program.

Please refer to the Summer in NYC website for tuition information.


REMU-UT 1037.002 Internship/Career Skills for the Music Entrepreneur
1-6 credits
07/06/2015 - 08/14/2015, Meetings by Appointment

Recorded Music Internship Registration - Visiting Studnets

This questionnaire is designed to assist in the internship registration process. Please respond to all questions to help us guide you through this process.
FIRST name: *
LAST Name *
PHONE number *
EMAIL address *
Are you a student at another University or College? Which one? *
What is your current cumulative GPA? *
Which Summer Session are you looking to do your internship? *
Tell us 3 companies on your wishlist of companies to intern for. *
(if it's a large company, please specify a role or department)
For how many credits/hours would you like to intern? *
1 - (Minimum 84 hours)
2 - (Minimum 112 hours)
3 - (Minimum 140 hours)
4 - (Minimum 210 hours)
5 - (Minimum 280 hours)
6 - (Minimum 350 hours)